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Elearn Australia: Our values

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The power of learning

We believe it's possible to change the world through empowerment and education.

We live in a world where everyday learning is imperative in our personal and work lives - whether it’s the skills needed to do our rapidly changing jobs or developing the skills and knowledge to live better lives.

Information is power and the more people are informed, the better our decisions will be. But it’s not just the transmission of information that is important. Information must also be applied. This is where learning comes in.

Traditionally, learning has been about an instructor deciding how and when training is delivered. Elearn Australia expands upon the foundation of instructional design with our learning experience design frameworks. We place the learner at the heart of our design to create online learning environments that are not only informative but also engaging, relevant and enjoyable.

Learning doesn’t end when you leave the classroom or online course. We create applications that enable people to learn in the flow of everyday life and work.

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A grassroots, collaborative approach

We work together with our clients to deliver high-quality blended and online learning solutions that really work.

We believe in a grassroots approach rather than a 'top-down' approach. We don’t just plug your content into existing templates. We give time and consideration to gathering a big-picture view of you and your learners in the Discovery and Design phases of your project, ensuring your online learning is designed with and for you - and your learners.

Our collaborative approach means you have the flexibility to align learning outcomes with the specific needs, tasks and skills of your learners – creating a more relevant and effective online learning experience for a more skilled and informed workplace.

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A commitment to social justice

We believe in a socially just society - one where access to resources, power and opportunities is available to all and not denied because of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age or ability.

Our commitment to social justice is reflected in the projects and clients we are committed to working with, as well as our in-house practices. We encourage diversity and ensure representation in photos and voiceovers in our products. We put extra effort into ensuring our products meet W3C accessibility standards.

We actively support the work of women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, LGBTIQ+, our local communities; we run an elearning incubator program for non-profits and sponsor web hosting for many community groups and organisations.

We are a supporter of Community First Development.

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Environmental sustainability

We believe the science of human-driven climate change and that it’s our responsibility, as humans, to address it immediately.

We take the environmental impact of our organisation – its people, processes and products – very seriously.

Our co-shared office runs on solar power and hot water; we encourage video conferencing, non-car commuting and bikes to minimise our business travel footprint; we encourage paper-free communication and recycle our minimal paper; we reuse, repair and recycle our office equipment including furniture and electronic goods; we explore opportunities available in online learning to reduce the environmental impact of on-site training; we sponsor girls’ education programs; and we choose to bank with ethical financial institutions who do not invest in coal.