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Mobile elearning (m-learning) solutions

We recognise that there is a current trend towards mobile learning (also known as 'm-learning'). This includes designing and delivering online training for mobile devices to compliment primary training activities, as well as stand-alone educational mobile apps.

Our elearning modules are designed and developed to work on mobile devices including smartphones (iPhones and Android) and tablets. We use a 'learner-first' approach in our design, which means that the elearning resource is optimised for the device and platform that most of your target learners are using.

Read our eLearning Industry article on Responsive eLearning Design And Why It’s Important for more background to our approach to m-learning or contact us today to get started on your own m-learning project.

Elearning content development for mobile delivery

Designing online training for smart phones and mobile devices means that the learning content becomes clean, simple and fast. There are no 'bells and whistles' to distract the learner and the key messages and take-aways are refined and streamlined.

Mobile elearning module on the differences between Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and mainstream general practice

Our educational designers have extensive experience in developing concise and clean elearning content and activities for mobile learning. Our developers use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to ensure this optimised content works perfectly across multiple mobile devices and platforms as well as desktops and laptops.

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Custom 'bite-sized' elearning modules (or micro-learning)

Developing elearning for mobile devices means that the content can easily be broken into bite-sized chunks of learning. This is sometimes referred to as 'micro-learning'.

Most of us lead busy lives. Micro-learning modules allow busy learners to access elearning content 'on the go' and complete modules in a short period of time. This elearning strategy helps with learner motivation, engagement and retention.

Custom-built micro-learning module for adult learners

Any elearning content that eLearn Australia develops will integrate completely with a number of learning management systems including Blackboard and Moodle.

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Educational mobile and web-based applications

eLearn Australia has extensive experience developing educational mobile resources, including just-in-time learning tools, communication and language tools. This includes native iOS and Android mobile apps and web-based mobile-friendly learning resources.

Mobile application for Aboriginal languages spoken in the Northern Territory

CommDoc (pictured above) is a language tool developed for GP Registrars and other health professionals working in communities across the Northern Territory. All work has been completed in consultation with clinics, communities, doctors, cultural educators and interpretive services.

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