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Learning management system (LMS) integration

Our developers build custom elearning content that will work with any learning management system (LMS) or learning record store (LRS). We have experience optimising content for Moodle, Moodle Cloud, Blackboard, Janison, Canvas, LearnDash (WordPress) and a number of custom-built systems. If you don't have a learning management system set up, don't worry - we can help with that as well.

Get your course online with MoodleCloud

If you’re looking for a low-cost and hassle-free LMS for your online course, MoodleCloud is a great option.

MoodleCloud uses cloud-based storage (rather hosting on your server), which means you don’t need to setup or maintain hosting and updates, and you don’t have to budget for costly long-term, LMS hosting contracts. And with data stored across multiple servers in the cloud, the stable environment equals less downtime for your course and your learners.

Online course using Moodle Cloud Interactive activities in Moodle Cloud
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Elearn Australia can help you set up and customise your Moodle Cloud account, create content for you or assist your staff to upload and edit learning content and assessments.

Contact us today about getting your course up and running on MoodleCloud.

E learning content integrated into your LMS via SCORM

One of the first things we will ask you is whether you already have an LMS set up. If you're not set up yet we can give you an honest opinion about which LMS would work best for your organisation, be it a simple LMS plugin on your WordPress site, a large Moodle install or a bespoke system specific to your industry. Any customised elearning content we develop will be tailored to the system you choose.

The example below shows an online interactive workbook, which has been integrated into a client's bespoke learning management system via the SCORM standard.

SCORM elearning modules and assessments integrated into a custom learning management system
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All elearning content developed by eLearn Australia is HTML5 compliant and can be integrated into any learning management system, either through SCORM, the Tin Can API (xAPI) or direct repository links.

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Custom assessments and reporting

We can develop bespoke assessments, progress tests or self-marking exercises for your training organisation and completely integrate these with your LMS or LRS. This integration is achieved through SCORM or the Tin Can API (xAPI) , giving you full control of which assessment data or interactions to capture and report on.

The example below shows a practice exam that sends interaction data, confidence ratings and results to the client's learning management system via SCORM.

Custom assessments and reporting for online clinical tests
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Our team of experienced instructional designers will ensure that any competency-based assessment is validated and aligned to relevant assessment criteria and outcomes. Your customised assessment reports can also be used to 'flag' any student or learner who might require extra assistance.

Contact us today to develop your own custom online tests or assessments at a very reasonable price.

Build a learning management system (LMS) using WordPress

Already have a WordPress site? We can help you use your existing website to deliver online courses and training.

Learning content management functionality can be added to your WordPress website, allowing you to build your own elearning courses, enrol students, manage payments, create certificates, track student progress and much much more.

WordPress can be transformed into a fully functional learning management system (LMS) using plugins such as LearnDash
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There are huge benefits to using WordPress to deliver your elearning content. Think hosting costs, using your existing website branding and style and harnessing any previous WordPress knowledge your staff members already have. That's just to name a few.

Contact us today to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional LMS or read more in our blog post about using WordPress as an LMS to deliver elearning content.

Tin Can (xAPI) elearning content development

The Tin Can API (also known as the eXperience API or xAPI) is a new technology standard that allows you to capture data about the wide range of experiences your learners have (both online and offline). Any elearning content that we develop can integrate the xAPI using Tin Can statements that make sense for your learning objectives.

The example below shows an online induction module that sends information about the learner's experience to the client's learning record store via the Tin Can API.

Tin Can (xAPI) elearning modules and assessments integrated into a custom learning record store
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While there is a lot of hype around this new technology eLearn Australia has successfuly implemented the Tin Can API in a number of our clients' learning record stores.

Contact us today about the Tin Can API and how this new technology can be used to achieve your educational outcomes.