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Elearning development for the health sector

Elearn Australia works with a number of state, territory and national health education providers to deliver high-quality online learning resources for health practitioners across Australia.

Our attention to detail and knowledge of current best practice results in health elearning resources that are comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant.

Training opportunities for aged care workers

Elearning provides specialised online training design and development services for the health sector, including aged care services in residential care and community settings.

Elearning for aged care workers

Elearn Australia prioritises the needs of the learner, making sure the learning content is accessible, easy to navigate and written in plain English.

We have found that representating target learners in scenario-based elearning content also makes their online learning journey more accessible and engaging.

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Online clinical modules for general practice

Working with medical educators and subject matter experts, eLearn Australia specialises in developing online clinical case studies for health practitioners. These clinical elearning modules are visual, interactive and personalised for the context the health practitioner is working in.

Clinical case studies

Modules are developed using a 'blended learning' model, which means that online material strongly correlates with content covered in a corresponding face-to-face workshop. These workshops are conducted by medical educators, giving GP Registrars ample opportunity to discuss the online case study and any questions that arise from it in the face-to-face session.

All elearning content developed by eLearn Australia is HTML5 compliant and can be integrated into any learning management system, either through SCORM, the Tin Can API (xAPI) or direct repository links.

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Bespoke elearning websites for nurses and midwives

eLearn Australia provides elearning solutions that are highly visual, interactive and relevant to your target learners. An example of this is the 'virtual hospital' that was developed in collaboration with a regional university, to assist in the delivery of their Diploma of Nursing qualification.

Authentic virtual learning environment

The virtual hospital is an example of how blended learning strategies combine an online learning environment specific to health with online tutorials, lectures and face-to-face practical sessions.

Any elearning environment that eLearn Australia develops will integrate completely with a number of learning management systems including Blackboard and Moodle.

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Custom elearning development for mental health practitioners

Legislation and best practice around mental health treatment is always changing. Providing online workbooks, case studies, mobile apps or quick reference guides are good tools to motivate and keep health practitioners up-to-date with the latest information, mental health legislation, standards and requirements.

Online workbook to test theoretical knowledge

Elearn Australia has developed various online mental health training modules and learning resources for a number of health organisations in Queensland and Western Australia.

These modules are highly interactive and specifically relevant to mental health practitioners, and aim to inspire and inform practitioners about best practice techniques or recently changed legislation.

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