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Moodle content development

eLearn Australia is proud to be part of the Moodle community, as both a content development company and a sponsor of and presenter at previous MoodleMoots. We have extensive experience in developing custom elearning courses and content for our clients' Moodle learning management systems.

Contact us today to start building interactive elearning content for your Moodle install. If you don't have Moodle set up yet, don't worry - we can help with that as well.

Customised Moodle courses and installs

Being an open-source platform, Moodle offers an incredible range of plug-ins and themes that will cater for most, if not all, of your training needs.

We can help you get the most out of Moodle. This might include designing a unique look and feel for your organisation, creating a bespoke course layout, designing a custom certificate or configuring a specific report. The choices are endless.

Custom-built Moodle courses, modules and elearning content

The course pictured above uses core features such as Moodle book, lesson, discussion boards, drag and drop activities and quizzes as well as customised plugins such as Moodle content pages and collapsed topics.

Contact us today for bespoke Moodle courses at a very reasonable price.

Get your course online with MoodleCloud

If you’re looking for a low-cost and hassle-free LMS for your online course, MoodleCloud is a great option.

MoodleCloud uses cloud-based storage (rather than hosting on your server), which means you don’t need to setup or maintain hosting and updates, and you don’t have to budget for costly long-term, LMS hosting contracts. And with data stored across multiple servers in the cloud, the stable environment equals less downtime for your course and your learners.

Online course using Moodle Cloud Interactive activities in Moodle Cloud

Elearn Australia can help you set up and customise your Moodle Cloud account, create content for you or assist your staff to upload and edit learning content and assessments.

Contact us today about getting your course up and running on MoodleCloud.

Bespoke elearning development for Moodle LMS

Moodle can integrate custom elearning content via SCORM or xAPI. The custom content tracks the learner's interactions and engagement and sends this data back to Moodle. The learner's results and interactions can then be collected, reported or stored as per the training requirements of your organisation.

Bespoke SCORM courses and elearning content for the Moodle learning management system

All elearning content developed by eLearn Australia is HTML5 compliant and can be integrated into Moodle either through SCORM, xAPI or direct repository links.

Contact us today to develop micro-learning modules for your organisation.

Interactive and engaging elearning content for Moodle

The xAPI (also known as the eXperience API or Tin Can API) is a technology standard that allows you to capture data about the wide range of experiences your learners have (both online and offline). Any elearning content that we develop can integrate the xAPI using xAPI statements that make sense for your learning objectives.

xAPI elearning modules and assessments integrated into the Moodle LMS

The example above shows an online induction module that sends information about the learner's experience to Moodle via xAPI.

Contact us today about xAPI and how this new technology can be used to achieve your educational outcomes.