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Designing and development your elearning modules: Our process explained

eLearn Australia follows a four-step process to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of your elearning content. The timeframe is given as an indication only and is based on the development of one 20-to-30-minute module.

Timeframe and cost will depend on a number of factors including the readiness of your training materials, length of course, and level of interactivity of the content.

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Stage 1: Discovery (week 1-3)

Your input The process Output
  • Project brief
  • Draft learning outcomes
  • Any existing training material
  • Input from:
    • Project manager
    • Subject mater experts (SME)
    • Technical support
    • User group
  • Establish working group
  • Meet as required via face-to-face, tele- or video conference
  • Determine requirements of target learners via user surveys and interviews as required
  • Develop user personas
  • Review current content, outcomes and feedback
  • Confirm requirements:
    • Technical e.g. learning management system (LMS) integration
    • Accessibility
    • Branding
    • Timeframe
  • Identify strategies to manage project risks
  • Develop an overall project blueprint
  • Final learning outcomes
  • User personas
  • Project blueprint

→ Client signs off on learning outcomes and project plan

Stage 2: Design (week 4-7)

Your input The process Output
  • Style guide / logos
  • Input from working group e.g.:
    • SME
    • User group
  • Meet regularly via face-to-face, tele- or video conference
  • Create storyboards and instructional design
  • Design user interface
  • Test storyboards and user interface with user group
  • Storyboards
  • Interface design

→ Client signs off on storyboard/s and interface design (1 major and 1 minor round of changes)

Stage 3: Development (week 8-11)

Your input The process Output
  • Talent for voiceovers and photos (if applicable)
  • Input from working group e.g.:
    • Technical support
    • User group
  • Create or source media assets such as photos, illustrations or animation
  • Design infographics
  • Set up LMS (if required)
  • Author / program the module/s
  • Record audio voiceovers
  • Test across browsers and devices
  • Elearning module/s e.g. SCORM files

→ Client signs off on final module/s (1 major and 1 minor round of changes)

Stage 4: Delivery (week 12)

Your input The process Output
  • Input from working group:
    • Project manager
    • Technical support
  • Integrate module/s into LMS
  • Conduct final testing
  • Launch elearning
  • Document and handover
  • Plan for 3-month evaluation meeting
  • Source files
  • Project documents