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Elearn Australia: Our services

We can help you with:

Educational and instructional design

Converting learning content into an educational experience that engages the learner and brings their training closer to real-life skills.

Elearning development

Using multimedia and collaboration tools to deliver eLearning experiences that are actually engaging (and not just text on screen!)

Mobile learning

Developing seamless user-centred experiences to deliver educational messages via mobile. Mobile apps are a great tool for 'just-in-time learning' - accessing information where and when learners need it.

Elearning consultation

Working together with training providers to formulate the best elearning strategy for their learner group.

Educational games

There's a reason gamification is becoming a buzz word in education. It works! We can help you deliver educational messages through highly engaging mobile or web-based games.

Online language resources

Harnessing the use of multimedia to build self-paced language learning resources can greatly improve language learners' understanding and retention of foreign languages.

Online induction training

Providing an interactive and engaging interactive induction module is a great step in inspiring a new staff or volunteer cohort.

Online work health and safety training

Using web-based or mobile technologies to develop compliant workplace health and safety training modules specific to your workplace.

Learning management systems

Embedding training into a Learning Management System that best suits your organisation's needs and budget.

Authentic learning

Delivering training using an authentic learning context and building tasks and assessments that have real-life application to the learner.

Blended learning

Ensuring the learner stays engaged in the course by incorporating different modes of contact.