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Sample of work: Online training to prepare health professionals for the workplace

The practice management module is part of an online course that prepares General Practitioners (GPs) for the non-clinical realities of working in general practice.

The project’s aim was to give doctors-in-training an opportunity to explore the business side of private practice before entering into it.

Registrars are invited to spend an “insider’s day” at a virtual general practice where the practice manager, Eliza, takes them through a typical day in the life of running the practice.

Throughout the day, Registrars are asked to assist Eliza with various practice management tasks including:

  • hiring,
  • staff management,
  • budgeting,
  • dealing with complaints,
  • balancing books and
  • keeping operational systems up-to-date.

Storytelling in elearning

Storytelling techniques are used within the elearning module to create dynamic content in an area many practitioners find dry and irrelevant. The learner follows characters in their workday at the virtual practice and the learning content continuously brings focus to the question, “How is this relevant to me as a doctor?”

Interactive storytelling in elearning

Learning from our peers

The online module features multiple short video interviews with experienced GPs on integral aspects of practice management, such as negotiating splits and billing. The inclusion of this peer-to-peer learning increases the Registrar’s trust in the information and engagement with the content.

Using video for peer to peer learning

Interactive activities

The elearning module is interspersed with interactive learning activities that reinforce crucial learning outcomes. Registrars are asked to test and consolidate what they have learnt throughout the module.

At the end of the module, Registrars can assess how well suited they are to managing a general practice through five targeted reflection questions that identify strengths and gaps in the learner’s knowledge.

Interactive activity

Visually engaging

Although the target audience has high literacy, the elearning module is optimised for engagement through highly visual and interactive content. On-screen text is kept to bite-sized chunks, with references provided for further reading if desired.


Visually engaging elearning

Collaborative approach

The module was developed in collaboration with General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ) with input from content experts and general practice managers from Inala Primary Care.


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