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Sample of work: Remote Primary Health Care app (Remote PHC+)

The Remote Primary Health Care app (Remote PHC+) is a clinical guidelines quick reference tool developed for health professionals working in remote areas.

Quick reference to clinical guidelines

The project was initiated by Remote Area Health Corps with the aim of converting their quick reference clinical flip cards into a mobile tool that would be easy to update with clinical content and provide greater coverage for their health professionals.

Mobile app for Australian remote health workers

Four important clinical sections

Remote PHC+ includes four important clinical sections with guidelines:

  1. Remote Emergency Care

    • Advanced Life Support (Adult)

    • Advanced Life Support (Infant and Children)

    • Patient Assessment Mnemonics

    • Primary / Secondary Survey

  2. Maternity Emergency Care

    • Activate Management of Third Stage

    • Neonatal Resuscitation

    • Severe Postpartum Haemorrhage

  3. Primary Health Care

    • Adult and Paediatric GCS Chart

    • Anaphylaxis guidelines

  4. Remote Safety

    • Important Phone Numbers

    • Personal Risk Assessment

    • Bush Support Self-Care practice

    • Aggression Management and De-escalation Techniques

Aims to improve the safety of remote health care workers

The app also includes the ability to add important phone numbers that can be quickly accessed if remote health care workers have concerns about their own safety. Easy to understand flowcharts provide guidance around the steps workers can take in the event of an emergency.

Mobile app to support the safety of remote health workers

App works offline and is free to download

Remote PHC+ is free to download. There are no subscription or other costs involved in using the app.

Once downloaded to a mobile device, Remote PHC+ does not require an internet connection to be used.

Available for both iOS and Android

Remote PHC+ is available as a mobile app for iOS (iOS 7 and above) and Android (Android 4 and above) phones and tablets.


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