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Sample of work: Online infection control course using Moodle Cloud

This online course is part of a blended learning programme for an infection control accredited unit for Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS).

Embracing digital learning in the age of COVID-19

CARHDS delivers face-to-face training for Aboriginal workers in their communities in Alice Springs and remote Central Australia. With the arrival of COVID-19, they decided to embrace digital learning and began exploring options for online delivery of their accredited infection control unit (HLTINFCOV001 - Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures).

The CARHDS Infection Control course is a hands-on unit developed for workers in retail, hospitality and transport industries. It introduces learners to infection control, definitions and concepts (including chain of infection), hand hygiene and other infection control methods. The unit has been updated to include COVID-19 infection control precautions.

Interactive activities in Moodle Cloud Infection control - chain of infection activity

Blended learning

The CARHDS Infection Control course is a blended learning programme. Learners begin with the online course, then attend a face-to-face workshop and complete with a workplace assessment.

Online course delivery is through portfolio tasks, digital handbook, interactive scenario-based assessment and quizzes.

Assessments in Moodle Cloud Interactive assessments in Moodle Cloud

Integrated, easy-to-access dashboard

Learners are able to select their face-to-face workshop session as well as upload their enrolment forms, certificates of completion for external courses and workplace assessment checklists through the course dashboard.

Built with MoodleCloud

CARHDS Infection Control is all built with the MoodleCloud framework using Moodle activities and components.

Online course using Moodle Cloud Online course using Moodle Cloud

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