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Sample of work: YLab Learning – A learning management system (LMS) using WordPress

YLab Learning is the online education portal of YLab, a social enterprise for young people and those who work along side them.

Their ‘Design the future’ modules are immersive, practical learning experiences featuring video content, infographics, storytelling and interactive reflection activities.

LMS plugin for WordPress

The courses are delivered through the ‘LearnDash’ LMS plugin for WordPress. The LMS integrates seamlessly with their existing WordPress website, picking up design styles from their WordPress theme.

Social change elearning

Easy to use course builder

YLab courses can be designed, built and easily edited using an intuitive course builder where lessons, topics and activities can be dragged and dropped into the course structure.

WordPress course builder

WordPress content generation at your fingertips

WordPress is popular. Using WordPress as their LMS gives YLab content creators access to a multitude of interactive content-generating plugins such as storytelling tools, personally quizzes etc.

Access content generation plugins for WordPress

Integration with eCommerce

The suite of YLab courses include both free and paid courses. Payment is made through an eCommerce Wordpress plugin that integrates with the LearnDash LMS.

WordPress courses integrated with ecommerce

Simple self-registration

Students are automatically registered into the two free courses when they create a YLab Learning account. They can then purchase and self-register in any of the paid courses using the simple and intuitive enrolment form.

Students can also be registered into groups or cohorts, via bulk enrolments by either a YLAb administrator or a group leader.

Wordpress learning management system self registration


The LMS dashboard provides YLab students with an overview of course completion and progress. Administrators and group leaders can view the progress of their cohorts and export results using the ProPanel reporting plugin.

Propanel reporting widget




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