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Elearning tips: Learning Record Store (LRS)

Quiz, book, forum post and classroom data are channeled to the LRS via the Tin Can API. The LRS sends and receives data from the LMS.

You'll need a Learning Record Store (LRS) to do anything with the Tin Can API (also known as the eXperience API or xAPI).

Tin Can API works by allowing a learner to send a statement about what they have experienced.

The statement is just a simple sentence in the form of a noun, verb and object (i.e I did this).

This statement gets sent to a learning record store (LRS), which is just what it sounds like – an online system or repository where learning records are stored.

"The Learning Record Store (LRS) is the central store that receives, stores and returns data about learning experiences, achievements and job performance."

These learning records can then be accessed by people (e.g. teachers, students) or other technical systems (like an LMS or another reporting tool).  

For example Jane is working in a real estate office and is in training to become a salesperson. She attends an open day and helps out with showing potential buyers around the property. This is documented through photos or video and then uploaded to the learning record store. When she uploads the photo a statement ‘Jane demonstrated...' is sent to the LRS.

More more information see Rustici Software's Tin Can API / xAPI overview.