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Elearning tips: Blogs, wikis and eportfolios

Blogs, wikis and eportfolios allow learners to create and contribute learning content.


A blog is a website made up of individual entries or 'posts'.

Blogs can be created by a single user or collaboratively, and typically include features such as comments and links to increase interactivity.

In an educational context, learners might use a blog to reflect on their learning and share ideas with their colleagues.

Popular blog sites include Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger.


A wiki is a collaborative website that allows users to add or modify content using a web browser.

The best known example is Wikipedia.

In elearning, smaller scale wikis are used for learners to create content collaboratively. For example, learners might be assigned terms to define to create a collaborative course glossary.


An eportfolio is an online portfolio in which learners collate multimedia evidence of their learning.

An eportfolio might contribute to assessment, or be used as part of a learner's resume to demonstrate skills.

Mahara is one popular open source educational eportfolio tool.